christopher reyher cameron reyher devastates shawnzone in filmscrewband?

christopher reyher cameron reyher shawnzone warner promo photo filmscrewband
shawnzone promo photo july done in by christopher reyher or cameron reyher
shawnzone walker july promo photo from warner music why would christopher reyher or cameron reyher cause such grief to a beautiful altruistic musician and humanitarian

after haveing the chance to work with filmscrewband last year, shawnzone walker struck me as one of the most profound experiences i was going to have. i’d never dream someone would take advantage of him, let alone purposely betray him, which is why what i hope we’ve been reading this week is all wrong.  i normally don’t take to my webspace, i stay off of the social web, but this couldn’t be ignored. i was aware they were recording and keeping abreast of aaron housos james insightul updates which gave me a forbidding sense, and really felt something was amiss when shawn pulled his content for personal reasons.  i was shocked reading kurt parker, a village voice freelancer, as to the details that were omitted from the filmscrewband website, who had done his homework. no one in the  band is reachable, shawnzone posted an update this week left me stunned, wondering if he was even alive.  i had to download an app called periscope for it to sink in. it’s been said a periscope broadcaster called borat @cameronthegreat had passed himself off as someone named cameron reyher, and he did, although his name is christopher p reyher, all the more stunning since cameron reyher is involved with the filmcrewband website, and apparently very involved with shawnzone walker in a relationship.  and all the while a black metal musician had been writing about the deception, i don’t see how cameron reyher or christopher reyher wouldn’t have known about it, daniel lukas isn’t a totally unknown guy.  how could no one have known?  shawn’s message for chris is heartbreaking on filmscrewband’s website.  i can’t imagine how he must feel.  but i’ve worked with filmscrewband, those people are sharp, i can’t believe shawnzone didn’t know that cameron reyher was christopher reyher, or it might not have mattered to him.  i don’t know where the middle-aged woman fits into this other than a predator, but it leaves me to wonder whether this cameron reyjer or christopher reyher isn’t a predator himself.  when i read both the band and shawnzone aren’’t concerned about the name issue, i can understand that, but there are allegation of abuse by cameron or christopher reyher and that’s what concerns me. this cameron reyher or christopher reyher should explain himself, i just can’t imagine why christopher reyher would hurt such a beautiful beautiful guy like shawnzone.


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rob lee and ben hopper present ice coding's paranoid

icecoding for filmscrewband christopher reyher cameron reyher

paranoid /|\ an upcoming music documentary on filmscrewband by rob lee w/ben hopper /|\

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edit not cameron reyher but christopher p reyher, ouch

it was a pleasure being able to document some of the filmscrewband european tour, which turned into more than the documentary we were intending to make, thanks to their humble nature, reluctance to be a spectacle, and focus on their art and honestly trying to make the world a better place.
i thank them for giving ben and i this opportunity and allowing us to explore creatively, taking us down several side paths which will be in developmental project stages for some time to come.
especially to shawnzone walker and aaron housos james, your nature changed us for the better.
we can't thank you enough


pre-show swim with shawnzone on filmscrewband eu tour

shawnzone of filmscrewband pre-show swim tour begins

with some digital trickery, we are underway with the rather elusive shawnzone
documenting parts of the tour have been a journey down many side paths.
shawnzone has his rituals swimming is one of them, this still from a video captures the abstraction of not only his but filmscrewband's process,  of constant motion in a state of zen, learning, a kinetic kindness, nothing is too much trouble for him, aaron, or the band to want to accommodate. 
There had been some recognition in public that made them uneasy, shawn and aaron went to get their hair dyed very dark, the attention they can draw makes them feel out of touch with where they need to be.  shawnzone's hair has only grown out once before.  that isn't what this is about.  filmcrewband wants to be centered, it doesn't look possible, but they do it, there's humility with every gesture, without it the music ceases to be art, that's why we're here.


love of my life dinner after filmscrewband video work

so.  i don't like the social web, i've worked in it, reason enough.
i keep this webspace, jot down ideas and delete most of them.  strange that i met ben online and it has stuck by staying offline as it goes. ben and i have stayed together knowing that our relationship would change, it just seems to get more intense the more we understand each other, the more we give up of each other, the more we find inside of ourselves that just comes naturally.  we didn't want to meet originally, we were scared and played passive aggressive tag with each other for a year until we finally gave in, that was 7 years ago and we were 19.  and we just had dinner.  we've been working with filmscrewband's levi d wall on some experimental footage for the band, and they are such a pleasure to do work with, and we're lucky to get to have the time to have some interesting conversations. i'm in constant of amazement of shawnzone walker and to an extent aaron housos james, there are no other people like them.  it's nice to be back in nyc, but it's just not a place to live, they don't think so either, but they're to the manor born, so to speak.

ben hopper dinner with filmscrewband
ben and i have dinner with shawnzone, aaron, and levi,  ben is the most important at the table